How To Start Your Own Internet Business In Your Spare Time

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The IM Freedom Workshops In Your Area

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Because the event is free, Space is extremely limited. Tickets are given out on a first come, first served basis, and they almost always sell out. You must be pre-registered to attend. There is no on-site registration. I look forward to seeing you at a future live event.

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New Customers, More Profit From Social Media

In today’s competitive business arena, one muѕt take help frоm multiple marketing аnd advertising channels tо generate leads. Whаt Internet marketing аnd advertising саn do іѕ assure visibility fоr уоur brand оr product. Ultimately, thе quality оf уоur product оr service іѕ going tо decide іtѕ fate іn global market, but іt’s important thаt іt gains visibility initially. 

Thаt іѕ whеrе marketing comes іn. Thе Internet іѕ truly representative оf thе ‘Global Village’ ideal аnd уоur product саn get global exposure thrоugh thіѕ medium аt little оr no costs.

Tips оn Generating Leads Using Search And Social Media Marketing

Whаt constitutes web search аnd social media? It spreads оvеr а muсh diverse Internet landscape whісh consists primarily оf social networking sites, e-magazines, blogs аnd оthеr promotional web sites, along wіth search engines like Google. Here аrе ѕоmе suggestions оn how tо uѕе thе Internet аѕ а marketing channel.

Build Your Own Company Website

First аnd foremost thing tо do аѕ а part оf уоur plan tо generate leads using social, аѕ wеll аѕ web search media іѕ creation оf уоur own product website. Invest time аnd money іn designing оf thе website аnd present detailed information rеgаrdіng уоur product. Yоu саn present contact information, product features, accessories оr information аbоut services provided bу уоur company. Submit уоur site tо thе Google search engine. Consult а Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant tо ensure а high ranking оn Google search fоr thе keywords relevant tо уоur product. Wіth thе website, уоu have created а little island fоr уоurѕеlf оn thе web frоm whеrе уоu саn send оut connections аnd generate leads via social media.

Uѕе Google Adwords

Thе next step іn generating leads іѕ tо advertise via Google Adwords program. Yоu саn bid fоr thе keywords relevant tо уоur product оr services. Google’s advertising program wіll place уоur text advertisement оn web pages thаt have relevant subject matter іn thеm. Whеn аnу user clicks оn one оf thоѕе advertisement links, thеу аrе directed towards уоur company website. Yоu pay Google ассоrdіng tо how many leads іt generates іn thіѕ fashion.

Advertise оn Facebook

Anоthеr online advertising option іѕ provided bу Facebook, whісh lets уоu put uр graphic ads оn profile pages оf users. One оf thе many advantages оf advertising оn Facebook іѕ ad placement оn profile pages оf people, whо mау bе thе target audience fоr уоur product. Yоu саn аlѕо create а page оn Facebook tо promote уоur business. Whаt wіll spread thе word аrоund аbоut уоur product іѕ thе ‘Like’ оr ‘Fan’ feature provided оn thе site.

Create а Dedicated Blog

Your company’s official website serves tо present official product information аnd present customer care features. Yоu саn bасk іt uр wіth а dedicated blog fоr уоur product whеrе information аbоut latest developments саn bе posted. Thіѕ іѕ аlѕо а good place tо conduct surveys аnd gain customer feedback fоr уоur product. Thе blog саn generate leads fоr уоu. Yоu саn аlѕо put uр videos related tо уоur product оn YouTube аnd оthеr video sites thаt mау generate interest іn уоur product.

Create а Wide Ranging Web Presence

Othеr thаn thаt, uѕе еvеrу opportunity fоr creating web presence provided bу networking sites like LinkedIn, broadcast sites like Twitter, Yahoo answers аnd оthеr promotional websites. Wider exposure automatically ensures better visibility аnd outreach fоr уоur product. Widening уоur web presence wіll ensure thаt уоu gain more customer leads.

It іѕ important thаt уоu take advantage оf social media marketing channels. Thе best thing аbоut іt іѕ thаt, іt costs аlmоѕt nothing compared tо real world advertising. Try іt оut аnd see уоur sales soar higher!

Generate More Leads

Keyword Research – It’s A Critical Step Any Way You Slice It.


Keyword Research


Ah, keyword research: the foundation of every successful website out there.


Wow, that’s a strong statement, isn’t it?


Well, it’s true. For those of you who put little to no thought into, OR who don’t understand the high significance of keywords, the keyword research you do before getting one single web page up will have a tremendous impact on how well you market to your target audience. No pressure.


So, why is this keyword research so darned important, you ask?


Let’s say you and I are standing behind a curtain. You are probably the most revered speaker in your area of expertise. I pull back the curtain and motion for you to go up to the podium and speak in front of an audience of about 200. No problem. You pull some notes out of your pocket, confidently place your hands on the mic and speak ever so compellingly for about 35 minutes.


After you are finished, the crowd claps nicely…almost out of obligation. You don’t understand. It was actually one of your best presentations yet! You were compelling, but not too sales-y. You presented the problems, outlined the solutions available, and then unveiled your perfect product to fit the bill.

So, what happened?

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This audience wasn’t waiting for you…they were actually waiting on someone else who was going to talk about a totally different subject. They don’t even know what you were talking about.


So…..this wasn’t YOUR audience. This was not your target market.


You had everything prepared…you had everything all perfectly laid out to be a “slippery slope” that led right to the obvious solution…your product. But….you were talking to the wrong people.

How does this relate to keyword research?


The visitors you get to your site are a direct relation to what keywords your site is known for. If you are telling the search engines that your site is known for “niche widget solution” or using other keywords such as your name, the name of your business…..that’s not the stuff your market is out looking for.


The keyword research you need to do is to determine what phrases people are searching for that have the problem for your solution. They are searching for “perfect posture” or “correct golf swing” not “Xtreme Putter.” They don’t even know your Xtreme Putter even exists!


And, unless you do effective keyword research, they never will.


So, how do you do the right kind of keyword research? Put yourself in their shoes. If you were someone out there with the problem your product solves, what would you be searching for?


“How to train my dog”

“Popular 30 something hangouts in L.A.”

“Seattle modern art”

“Ping golf clubs”


These are the things prospective buyers are searching for….you just need to have the right keywords as bait to catch them before they go surfing by.



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6 Keyword Research Tools to Help You Strike Gold

Keyword optimization allows you to rank higher in Google search results. This article will help you better understand how to do just that.

Gone are the days when you could just throw a bunch of keywords into an article and it would rank on the first page of Google search results.

We’re not saying that using keywords isn’t important anymore–they are still an important factor in Google SERP ranking. Thanks to AI, Google’s search engine is much better at determining what content is most relevant to which search terms. It does this by considering more than 200 factors, only a few of which have to do with keywords.

You can learn more about that here.

For now, understanding how to best optimize your content for relevant keywords will increase the chances of ranking in search engine results. Doing this well will increase your visibility and ultimately help drive more traffic to your content.

In the end, ranking for keywords isn’t an easy task. Some keywords can be very difficult to rank for, and in general, you want to target keywords with a high search volume and low ranking difficulty.

So, do you want to rank well in Google search?

Well, then we’ve put together 6 tools that can you help do just that.

Here are 6 Keyword Research Tools to Help You Identify Ranking Opportunities:

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a very comprehensive keyword research tool. This tool allows you to research short and long tail keywords for both organic and paid search terms on Google and Bing in over 134 countries.

Semrush Website Screenshot

In addition to being able to see the keywords you can rank for, SEMrush also allows you to see what keywords your competitors are ranking for with their domain analytics tool. This is very useful for competitor analysis.

With this tool, you can see, for each of your competitors, what keywords they are ranking for both organic and paid as well as traffic volume of these search terms and even the CPC Adwords price of these keywords.

Semrush website screenshot

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is one of the most popular free keyword research tools out there.

Part of Google Adwords, Google keyword planner is very useful in finding related search terms, average monthly volume, suggested bid, and ranking difficulty of any keyword.

It is very easy to use. Simply plug in the specific keywords you want to check and view the results.

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner | Google Adwords

3. KWFinder

KWFinder is a short and long tail keyword research tool that shows you search volume, trend, CPC, and ranking difficulty. There’s an option to search worldwide or limit your research to only a specific country, state or even city.

KWFinder Website Screenshot

Additionally, KWFinder shows you all domains targeting the particular keyword phrase, their rank, page authority, number of backlinks, number of Facebook shares and estimated visits.

4. Keyword Tool

is a freemium tool that uses Google autocomplete to pull a list of long tail keyword suggestions. Keyword Tool is not limited to only Google. You can also use this tool to find long tail keyword suggestions for Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay and the App Store.

The free version of the tool limits suggestions to 750 keywords. The Pro version, however, has no limit and also allows you to see additional data such as search volume, CPC, and competition.

An option to export results to CSV is also available to pro users.

Keyword Tool Screenshot

5. Moz’s Keyword Explorer

One would expect nothing less from Moz when it comes to SEO.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer offers the standard features of most keyword research tools like search volume, related keywords, and difficulty–but it kicks thing up a notch.

In addition to the standard features, Keyword Explorer also provides you with the organic click-through rate of the keyword, priority score (aggregate of all other metrics) and SERP analysis.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer
Moz’s Keyword Explorer

6. UberSuggest

UberSuggest provides you with a comprehensive list of suggestions for any keyword you search and further organizes them alphabetically.

UberSuggest is for you if you use Google Keyword Planner a lot in your keyword research. This is because the former will provide you with further keywords that are not available through the latter.

UberSuggest website screenshot

Which keyword research tools are you presently using? Share them with us in the comments and tell us why you like them.

The 3 Easiest Ways for Newbies to Start In Affiliate Marketing

With the aid of the Internet, you can almost have everything right at your fingertips. With just a few clicks you get access to thousands and even millions of pieces of information and data on virtually any field of interest. As years pass by, the Internet continuous to effect radical changes in many facets of human endeavours, including commerce. Experts say that the information space, commonly known as the “world wide web,” grows by over a million pages everyday as more and more people utilize the Internet for information, education, entertainment, business and other personal reasons. It doesn’t take a business-oriented individual to realize that this phenomenon can bring about sky-high financial gains. The Internet’s fast-growing popularity in the recent years is surely an opportunity for business that any entrepreneur would not want to miss.

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